A fitting tribute

Recently my younger brother died suddenly; I was devastated, lost for words. I wanted to have a voice at his funeral taking place on the other side of the world but in shock, grief and confusion felt unable to put anything together and there was so much I wanted to say.
I asked Kate for her help and at my home the following day we crafted a poem together, based on my telling her all about my brother. (There is no one in NZ who had ever met him with whom I could truly share my grief.)
So how comforting it was to indulge in talking freely and at length with Kate about my loss and sadness – and Kate is a good and empathetic listener as well as a skilled writer.
After a short while she produced a beautiful poem that was spoken a couple of days later at the funeral in Scotland. I look at the poem again now: the words reflect the essence of my brother and encompass all my feelings of appreciation, love and gratitude for his life. It is everything I wanted as a tribute!
Thank you Kate for sharing your skills and friendship, helping me to manage the sadness.

Sally Grey


I engaged Kate to edit the manuscript of a book I was writing. The subject of the book is a difficult, technical aspect of linguistics, how word meaning is constituted in the mind.

Kate handled the task in a very professional manner and I found her contribution most helpful. I enjoyed working with her on this task.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kate for work of this kind.

Trevor Lloyd, Language Researcher