Bespoke poetry

I write original poems for individuals, couples or families based on information given about them and their passions. We can meet for coffee or confer by email/Skype about what form you want things to take. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or no reason at all, these poems make a wonderful gift. Check this example that I wrote for a 21st birthday.

Prices start at $50 per poem

Read testimonials here

Typewriter poetry

I write unique poems for people on my typewriter while they wait. I need but a few key details before I tap into the well of wonder inside me and tap out something incredible and unrepeatable.

Hire me for hen parties, weddings, birthdays, private sessions, and events.

Price: minimum time 2 hours at $250 ($100 per subsequent hour).

One-off poem: $20 (I get full creative control, mwah hahahahaaaaa!

Package deal 

Need a bespoke poem and want my typewriter skills as well?

Price: talk to me about a package deal.


I run poetry workshops!

Price: talk to me about what you need.