Life on the Edge

for Ryan Masters

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.”


live life on the edge

don’t hedge your bets


be bold on the edge

don’t hold to someone else’s version or aversion of the truth

confess your manifesto

stand firm, unwavering

savouring every minute

drive a wedge between the norm and form

of the people who tell you how to live

holler loudly

act quietly

and encourage others to the edge


be brave on the edge

know that you won’t come out unscathed

slings and arrows from those further back

who lack the courage to inspect and reject,

conditioned to position,

unaware that if they dare to look beyond, abscond from bonds,

they’ll find fullness on the edge

be aware that they’re scared


marred by hardships untold

stripped of inner power

willing to hold hurts

curt to those on the edge

slow to notice chains of pain they’ve refrained from releasing

pledge to be more

keep no scores against wrongs done

others’ vitriol will revitalise

they may despise the edge

but you


young one with old soul

you will become fully you

all your talents, hopes and dreams

fulfilled on the edge


be passionate on the edge

don’t ration your love

feel and feel deeply

love audaciously with capacious heart

be involved

resolve to evolve and become whole on the edge


be proud on the edge

dance dangerously, dynamically, ecstatically on the edge

take risks

push limits

be outrageous and outrageously you on the edge


be fearless on the edge

be adventurous



be your own hero on the edge


be yourself on the edge

find your edge

cut through bullshit with rapier wit

slice and dice culture you abhor

score and scar your name on the edge

and always


live life on the edge