I was commissioned to write a thank you poem for Trish Armour, a tapestry artist who came to talk at our church about her art (www.tapestryartist.co.nz). Here’s what I came up with:


You weave

weave colours that give reprieve

for those who grieve in darkness

sew to bestow life and light

bright yellows that glow

pristine greens

purple and blue hues

You weave

disappear into your own world to concentrate

translate one picture into another


each thread led by your hand

creating pictures with each stitch

loom casting out doom and gloom

style and passion fashioning

beauty and art

You weave

at the core of your story is the glory

of you

quietly diligent


binding cords for the Lord who has restored


He goes behind and before

never ignores

and you weave

for Him

You weave

girl with pearl earring


landscapes that escape the pattern

that matter because they are cast

by your hand

You weave

and we pray that you never fray

nor stray from God’s light

that you travel with Him and don’t unravel

and each thread that is fed

and led by you


to the rich tapestry

of life



Angel in Ivy – 2014 by Patricia Armour

Part of ‘Song of Love’ Series, exhibited at Minerva Gallery, Wellington, NZ 2014



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