Mean Girl

she is the queen of mean girls

never seen in comfy jeans

but preening in the canteen with other keen teens

never contravening code of wearing pink on Wednesdays

and she will kick up a stink

if you dare to think differently

are anything but plastic and fantastic

turns to dramatic and drastic measures

will call you a grotsky bitch and ditch you

at first hint of sarcastic comment

torrent of insults hurled by this, the meanest of girls

(clutching her pearls, whirling her dead straight hair without curls)

smiles smugly as she calls you fugly

and you shrug away – abuser still bruising you

telling you you’re a loser

a “scum-sucking road whore” she abhors

and cuts you to the core

you could implore her to restore her roar with kindness

but this slut is one who takes pride in her vagina

– wider set than the great wall of china –

and no matter how much you chide her

she will remain snide

will continue to sneer and smear

never be weaned, unfurled

from being the meanest

of mean girls



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