This was commissioned as a 40th birthday present. The lady in question is called Astrid, which means “star”. What a great star-t!


You are a star

uncontainable bright light not just in night sky

constant delight

the world would be duller without the colour you bring

the challenger of status quo firm no 

rebellious streak has become strength.

Expressive star you confess all

dare not hide behind wall of lies

but never deride

because you know what it is to be knocked down

where you must rally, not dilly-dally on the valley floor

door which leads to darkness is ignored 

dust self off and stride towards mountain once more

set off for the peaks that may take week to climb

reach sublime bounty of beauty

filled with fountain of wisdom and pride. Abide.


You are a star – resplendent, independent

                          – astronomical, phenomenal

You are a star obsessed with shoes (!)

bowled over by sexy soles, others amused by goals

but you are a gold star

and this birthday you are not old

but on a springboard to far flung dreams

and in this new phase of your life

we can’t wait

to star gaze





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