the educators

This was written for a woman’s sister. They told me that she was both a teacher and burlesque dancer and I loved the combination! The resulting piece is one of two halves that I rather like. As did the customer, which is good! 


shake that burlesque booty       you beauty          cutie patoooty        diva

diva with bottle of bubbly in hand             banding together          with  scandal

shimmy them hips             shimmy them nips           with tassles galore

adore yourself       body positive babe     get on that stage      and give it

don’t take no shit       use your wits           and   tits

you are           superstar         far from shy and retiring         aspiring

aiding others to aspire             by inspiring       tirelessly teaching

reaching out to those in need                  never greedy for spotlight

when they have it

the educator                   the motivator               the leader and the led

you                are                 you                            you     are




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