my dad knows hospitality

lives and breathes its reality

ingrained in his mentality

his normality

don’t expect formality

come on in

the door is open

don’t ring the bell

come on in

for a hell of a time

there’s biscuits in the tin

just baked cake

kettle’s boiled

or something stronger – for the sake of it


my dad knows hospitality

expect no frugality

food equals friendship

booze – bosom buddies

should you be invited to dinner

you’re onto a winner

four courses at least

a veritable feast

drinks to match – down the hatch!

he’ll have slaved in the kitchen

and it’s all for you

he craves not to impress

or gain points

but to bless you

please you

let you know – let him show

that you are loved

you matter more than idle chatter

two fridges fully stocked

two freezers never blocked

a larder never lock


if you’re ever unsteady

my dad will catch you

despatch hospitality

forget the banality

of your daily grind

in his mind

feeding you is more than food and wine

but they are his method

his way of saying

“I’ve got you –  

you’re safe here”


my dad knows hospitality

you are welcome

his door

is as open

as his heart



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