Own Who You Are

I love that the paper I use gives me the ideas I need. This one sold to the lady who commissioned Raging Lesbian for her friend saying that it was exactly what she needed to hear.


do not buy into that which the world wants you to buy

lies of industry trying to sell you falsehoods

that you’re somehow not good enough without this thing


that who you are                                                                                                      just isn’t enough


too skinny, too fat, too ugly, too beautiful, too too too too

something you are not

so be different, they say

pay me money, they say


who you are just isn’t                                                                                what we want you to be


do not buy into the lies that you are not good enough

you are more than good enought

way more than good enough

way way more


simply because you                                                                  are not what they want you to be


you are everything you are and who you are

is incredible

just as you are

so do not buy into the lies

own who you are


you are




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