crystals, bees and kindness

I really enjoyed spending time with the woman who requested this – she was a delight! We bonded over our love of stroking bumble bee butts and found the perfect paper for this poem. She commissioned another one for her partner (see tomorrow’s post!) because she liked this one so much… (I can’t say it’s my best work, but I was glad she was happy.)


I can’t live without crystals, bees and kindness

crystals give me strength

to ward off others’ noise

clear me and cleanse me from nonsense around

i abound in peace

                 never run aground

                               or sound alarms

with crystal close to heart


i fucking love bees

seize every opportunity to love them

stroke their furry butts

uncaring at tuts from people who think me weird

i fucking love bees

            dozy bees, buzzy bees, bees bees bees bees


kindness brings me life

and hope

and light

i delight in kindness

give kindness always in all ways

                       i love kindness

want others to love kindness

be kindred spirit in kindness

  i can’t live without kindness

 i can’t live without

crystals, bees, and kindness





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