Raging Lesbian

I had a lovely time with the lady who commissioned this poem from me. She ended up buying three pieces! This poem is the story of her and her best friend.


you are a raging lesbian and I am your straight of honour

you may propose a hundred times over and a hundred times more

every answer will be no

but we will always be friends

forever friends

hearts intertwined


you are a raging lesbian fighting the good fight for lesbians

for women

for the right to be who we are

how we are

where we are

when we are

you rage against the machine of indignity and inequality

with all of the passion you have

such fucking passion

a fire that lights others’ fires

inspiring, bewitching, incredible

this straight of honour

is honoured to know you

you are a raging lesbian

                                                          a silver fox

           a woman

                             a human

                                         a friend




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