Shower the Tears

shower the tears off my body

wash the hurt down the drain

salt will not stain my face tonight

sorrow will find no place

this fight will be won by strength

a fist clenched

against the waves of anguish, pulsing

a stance of defiance

to the prancing fools of my brain

telling me of my worthlessness

that mock me most in my weakness

quelling fears by gritted teeth

grinding away unspoken words of my own worst enemy

lips pursed

poised to spit forth fury of their own

knees locked

standing stock still


refusing to fall

stomach steeling itself

for the one-two sucker punch

of self-loathing and self-pity

who always lead this merry dance of despair

ears closed, mind set

ready to vanquish the venom of the whispering devils of fear and doubt

agony will find no dwelling place here tonight

my body will not be wracked with sobs

that ache my heart

nor vanish into a curled up heap

of unrecognisable form taking shelter from the world


tonight I have stood firm

conquered this attack

but I know another is not far off

the battle, for now, is won

but the demons will forever shriek and rage

so the war inside

will eternally wage




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