Rooftop Rendezvous

this is an oldie!



my life has been shortened

all those cigarettes that we chain-smoke

on that rooftop of mine

as we choke on my jokes

that you love so much

 – I’m sure that our laughter

carries on the wind

enjoyed afresh by strangers

somewhere down the line

I know we’re inhaling

far more than the nicotine

but we’re both too scared to admit

that’s our real plan

you say I saved you

that day I accosted you

and welcomed you in, to the circle of cool


it was you who saved me

rescued from my destructive self

who so desired to be more

but was too scared to walk through that door

until you

you with your nerdy, insecure ways

your goofiness and naivety

inexperience if we’re honest

when I’m with you

oh, the sweetness of those times

whether in silence

or chattering nineteen to the dozen

I long for those moments to last

to stretch on and on

but they can’t

you’re leaving

as they always do

and we’ve got no time

the promises to meet in another country

will fritter away

like dreams in the morning sun

filed away and forgotten

so I’ll cling to the cancerous edge

light as many cigs as I can

talk until my voice cracks

hope for the kiss that will never come

and regret not making the move

each time we say farewell

and so it goes


but I’ll always remember

that rooftop rendezvous

where I fell

for you




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