gumboots, diamonds and pearls

a typewriter poem. Two ladies approached me, excited to have a poem written about their friendship. They were awesome. I don’t think this was my best work, but they were pleased. I might rewrite and work on it and try to track them down…


how does a friendship last 40 years

across countries

and through a marriage

through gumboots, diamonds and pearls

three people in a marriage         works for the girls

if not for poor Steve

wonder if he grieves loss of wife

when Margot comes to town

steals Audrey away

and talks gumboots, diamonds and pearls

through all life has hurled at them

A and M

have stood firm

beyond best friends             beyond sisterhood


soulmates who say “it’s so good to see you”

and who can talk gumboots, diamonds and pearls

in coffee shops, on corners, whereever

lives interwoven over decades


in gumboots


and pearls




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