strike while the iron’s hot

a typewriter poem written for someone who reminds me of what I will be like in 30 years time! When I read it to her she said “How did you get inside my head?”


you’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot

get out there and properly live life

go for it and live in the moment

carpe diem – seize the day

no one else can say to me to stop

cos when I’m popping

hoo boy!

I’ve got that passion, that fire within

flaming away like my gay boys

who taught me to live life


no shyness           no wryness         no dryness

full on

always full on

mad Maggie – Mags the drag queen long ago

mad Maggie strikes while the iron’s hot

because what’s the point in striking when it’s cold

nothing will hold me back         nothing at all

i am called to live a life in the open

out there for all to see and hear

truly me                      me and no one else

bonkers me             emotional me                life loving me

i will live my life unafraid, unashamed, unabashed

i will crash my way into the next life

and strike

while the iron’s hot



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