Ray of sunshine – a typewriter poem


A little back story on this one. I was typing a poem for someone else when I felt this woman to my left. She was waiting patiently for me to finish the previous transaction and then said: “Please can you write me a very specific poem? My husband died unexpectedly a couple of months ago…” She told me that when he was taking his final breaths, the sun shone on him and, after he died, went back behind the clouds. I took her phrase “ray of sunshine” as inspiration, typed this out, got emotional, read it to her and we cried together. She hugged me and told me that I was the reason she had ventured out today. She is the reason I write.

Ray of sunshine


you were, still are, my ray of sunshine

you broke through, still break through

every cloud

your rays bathed me, continue to bathe me

with light and heat and energy and life

I grew strong, will grow stronger

in your light

you were, still are, all to me

whole of heart leaves hole in heart

but you are not far

not far at all from me

for every timme

sun breaks through cloud

I see you, feel you, love you

my ray of sunshine


Ray of sunshine

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