I’m a flirt, that’s all I am

I get off on the chase

I’ll give you my best eyes and lines

but it’s all for fun

the thrill of a reaction

a response

to make you feel good

as much as me.

This I did not expect:

we laughed, were the most raucous

at the party

we almost kissed goodbye

but I had my concerns…

And then you sent me flowers

A married man sent me flowers

barrage of emotions hit

disgust the winner

shame a close second

I curled up in a ball and hid

under my desk

the note

that came with it

“Enchanting, seductive, naughty; I should have

told you to ditch Scrabble boy and

spent the afternoon with you.”

I have never been pursued


by a married man who sent me flowers.

I guess that’s what you get

for being a flirt.

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