Soul Mate


I’m not sure I believed in soul mates,

that there was one person

with whom you could feel so comfortable

so compatible

so connected

                   –   like a tether through the universe.

If I believed in past lives

I would say we’ve met before

that we’re old souls

who have danced this dance.

We were drifting:

not searching for each other

not aimless either

growing, preparing, reaching potential

readying ourselves;

God once told me the right man needed

time to be ready for me

                                  –   I’m a lot to handle.

And I needed to be ready too

to learn enough for him

to be relaxed enough for intense intimacy

of the emotional kind.

I didn’t know what a soulmate was

supposed to look like,

at least not for me,

but here you are


although I didn’t think I believed in soul mates before

I’m pretty sure you’re mine.

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