Seek Reach Find


I seek you

my mind seeks you

I want to gaze at your face

I am weak

but know my place

is to seek you

I am seeking


hoping for a glimpse of glory

I am sought by you

I ought to appreciate

I am already caught

in your holy arms


I reach for you

my heart reaches for you

like fingertips that almost touch

teach me how to draw nearer

I am reaching


straining to get closer

I hear echoes of your preaching

your voice whispering words of love

I am reached by you

I am safe

I am beached in your gracious arms


I find you

my soul finds you

I bind myself to you

with promises to grow

I am finding you

constantly finding you

on my winding path

discovering your character

I am found by you

I stand on sacred ground with you

your love astounds

I am bound in your forgiving arms


I seek     I reach    I find



You do exactly the same


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