pound me

astound me with your moves

get into my groove

I need a fling

not a serious thing

give me some skin on skin


don’t leave me floundering

let our passions escalate

through the night

and evaporate by morning

I won’t hound you

post-coital interaction

while we    had an attraction

there’ll be no texts

begging for more sex

I’ll have moved on

to the next poor sod


I’m not fussy

if you’ve got a cock, a pussy

or something in between

–   so long as it’s fairly clean

you can appease me

that you’re disease free  –

I’m happy

I may be feeling crappy

but getting slappy

with our genitals

will turn my frown

upside down

and if you could go down on me

like my ex never did!

then go to town


don’t be intimidated

I want to be intimate

without intimacy


You may have found

I’m a whole lotta woman

but fear not

for I only want you in my hole

you don’t have to fix my broken heart


treat me like a tart

use me like a whore

leave me screaming for more

and then

walk out

orgasmic bliss is temporary

but it’s all this miss needs

so Rebound

pound me

astound me with your moves

and get into my groove


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